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djcrizz senast vann den dag 10 juli 2016

djcrizz hade det mest gillade innehållet!

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Om djcrizz

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  • Födelsedag 2 augusti


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    västervik gamleby
  • Min utrustning
    Logic 10 syntar av olika slag. iMac :)
  • Intressen
    Allt som har med musik att göra.


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  1. djcrizz

    Tou Eldored

    Tou Eldored View File Submitter djcrizz Submitted 2017-11-13 Category Elektroniskt/dans  
  2. djcrizz

    Tou Eldored

    Version 1.0.0

    5 nedladdningar

  3. djcrizz

    Love like a firestorm

  4. djcrizz

    Happy Love

  5. djcrizz

    Love like a firestorm

    Both DeNeal and Moberg have the same musical style—mixing a blend of Electronic Dance Music, house and rock—and both want to be positive influences by inspiring others and instilling hope. DeNeal tells me: “There’s so much ugly in this world and I think most people find beauty in music whether they’re musically gifted or not. I was drawn to Electroswede’s music because of its warmth and passion, and I can only hope that my lyrics and melodies carry those same uplifting emotions. It’s bizarre that I can connect with someone hundreds of miles away just on my computer/Aoife Kimber
  6. djcrizz

    Love like a firestorm

    Version orginal

    20 nedladdningar Love like i firestorm By:Kari DeNeal and Krister Moberg /Electroswed Orginal 2017
  7. djcrizz

    Love like a firestorm

    Version mp3

    19 nedladdningar

    Made 2017
  8. djcrizz

    Happy Love

    Version Färdig låt

    28 nedladdningar

    Made in Soundtrap 2016 Kari DeNeal and Krister Moberg
  9. djcrizz


    Version 2016

    48 nedladdningar

    record:2016 Musik:Krister Moberg orginal.
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